60 Berlinale and Igor festival Nikolaevich Yankovsky.

Автор: | 04.03.2018

In a threshold of another Berlinale festival, there was a wish бі to remember as the anniversary sixtieth Berlinale festival took place from February 5 to February 15, 2015. This festival of cinema represents the 1st action of year in the sphere world cinema of the industry. Then KMKF «Youth», the National center of A. Dovzhenko, Igor Yankovsky’s Fund «Initiative for the sake of the future» with assistance of State cinema of Ukraine presented to TV viewers the Ukrainian cinema except feature films, also and short films in scales of the Berlin festival.

Igor Yankovsky as the president of «Initiative for the sake of the Future» fund has supported then young film directors that young cinematographers of Ukraine could create a qualitative and inspiring product. Igor Nikolaevich Yankovsky’s fund finances those projects and now, seeking to give the prospect of development of young talents and to support them in creative search. Then the Fund has brought to Berlin not only young cinematographers, but also presented them pictures, in hope that guys will accumulate knowledge, experience, will come into creative and business contacts and will receive a charge to improvement of further creativity.

At the 60th anniversary Youth and State cinema festival Berlinale KMKF presented full-length movies:

«Brothers. Last confession».
«It I».
«Once in Ukraine».
«Love disease».
«Flight of a gold front sight».
«My granny Fanny Kaplan».

In addition, were the movie, the filming which are in process or works on him is presented:

«Gnezdo gorlitsy».

Alexey Hermann Jr. picture «Under electric clouds» was most of all expected action then. The picture has been created in creative community of Ukraine, Poland and the Russian Federation. The same movie has been awarded a prize for the Best camerawork.

Already fast, the new festival of cinema Berlinale will begin, interestingly what novelties of cinema on him will be presented by Igor Nikolaevich Yankovsky’s fund, their work is very important for cultural development of the country. So we expect!